Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy belated new year

So I guess I would be a bit rude and unkind if I didn't drop a word before the first month of the year is finished. Happy New Years... Better late than never :) 

So what have I been up to?What's been keeping me so occupied? Hmmm I visited Lyon for the weekend before holiday ended. Went back to work on the 7th of January... and the teachers didn't feel it necessary to let me know they were extending their holiday so no need to get out of bed... One was still in her bed when I was ready for her class! I was most pissed... And it happened again Thursday.  I so felt like sending out a strong worded email to them... 
Anyway the following week was SOLDES!!!(SALES!!) I am in love with these sales!! OMG! Clothes for 1€,-15€ items for 20-80% off! I got some super cute boots for 13€! 70% off. I got a 3 piece PJ set for 5€!! These things are a steal... I went shopping for a dress for my friend for her bday... Went wild... Got a huge bag of clothes for me... Left without a dress for her... What? I'm not selfish! It's just hard to find a cute dress... I'll just have to try another location. 
Yea that's all I remember about this month, mainly shopping... Oh! No I also "met up" with the other assistants at a bar... Huge fail! Never again. I met up with this Spanish assistant from Argentina named Juan Manuel, had a walk and then coffee... Much better way of getting to know others. Hmm what else happened this month? Idk it all went by fast... I can't believe this programme ends in 3 months :s 
Pics below...
On the train to Lyon 

Cool fountain 

Huge shopping mall <3 their Carrefour has 3 levels!!! I was super jealous. 

Ferris wheel thingy to view the city. 

Some king... Idk


Pomme d'amour... Super delish!

Chev lol

Dinner by me and Chev... He says to let everyone know "wi a eat gud food" lol

Josiane got me this as a late Christmas gift. Yum!

H&M my love

13€ of sexy!

Oh the staff room had another if those lunch thingies... Free lunch anyone?

Juan's coffee

My coffee... Best one I've had since being here. 

Stopped by wok bar for lunch while shopping the other day ugh my mouth was pleased!

Table full of the stuff I got for me instead of my bestie. Sorry love. 

La Bastille

Since I've been here my students and many other persons have insisted that I need to visit the Bastille. Thank to my apartment, I was afforded the opportunity to dine there for only 5€! That's a steal! To get there by cable car alone costs like 8-10€ and the restaurant is like 30€. 
It was pretty amazing there. I want to take a trip there in the day though. 

So something strange happened. I heard a Vybz Kartel song and for some reason I felt so nostalgic... Keep in mind I'm the farthest thing away from a fan of his. I guess it was because I haven't heard any jamaican sins in quite a while and I mainly hear electronic music when I go out... Still not a fan kartel... not a fan! :p

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Joyeux Noël

It's Christmas! It's definitely not the same as in Jamaica where just about every house is decorated and there is Christmas music blasting from every other store, radio station, home, almost everywhere. So apart from the lack of Christmas cheer, it's my first Christmas away from my family so my Christmas spirit isn't so high either. 

Nonetheless it was a great day of feasting. Praise Jesus for good company and good food. 

Jamaican Rice and peas! Oh glory divine! Tastiest thing of the day!
Yup I found Grace coconut milk, Maggi season and scotch bonnet here! Was sooo excited! The peas came straight from Coronation market, Jamaica though! 

Patates sautée 

Salade de crevettes 

Le poularde

Crême de marrons

My first plate...

It was altogether a festive day and I loved it. 

Monday, 16 December 2013

Hello, my name is Kami and...

...I'm a Carrefour addict. *bows head in shame* 
So Carrefour is like Pricesmart for Jamaicans and Walmart for Americans ... But waaaaay better in my opinion. I go there every chance I can get; between classes, after work, on weekends... Almost everyday. Sad to say, I have missed a class before because I lost track of time shopping in Carrefour.  It's like when in Carrefour time stands still and nothing matters.... Wait, where have I heard that line before? Lol
I went into Carrefour after work one afternoon to get some lotion and lip balm(Lord knows this cold is brutal on my skin). I came out about 2 hours later to dark evening, with a blanket, a plastic cooking spoon, comté cheese and a lip balm. Yea, no lotion but I got a bunch of other things that I somehow justified that I needed.... But I do need them though :/  
I walked out of Carrefour with a bittersweet feeling realising I needed to curb this unsustainable habit before I go broke. My carte bleu is to blame too, it's just so easy to swipe and go. I hardly use cash anymore, it's terrible!!! 
*Sigh* don't even get me started on H&M sales smh when they drop items to 5€ a piece? How can a girl resist??? 
Help? Someone? Anyone?

Monday, 9 December 2013

J'ai touché la neige!! -I touched the snow!!!

So last week Mathieu booked out my Wednesday morning providing me with the only detail "we're going outside if Grenoble, dress in your warmest clothes." I was sooo excited! I kept asking "are we gonna ski?!", "are we gonna snowboard?!?" "Can we make a snowman?"

So it turned out to be luge; we went to Chamrouse to the Belledone mountains.  It was such an amazing sight. I enjoyed myself to the max and left with a sore butt. We didn't get to build a snowman because the snow wasn't wet enough but we still threw snow at each other and it was cool walking and sinking knee deep in the snow. It wasn't even so cold either... It was actually hotter than Grenoble on the mountain. 
Pics below

Candid pic "hey look here" *snap*

This is what we used to do luge... Very unsupportive of my butt. 

Even a dog was there! 

Yup... T'was a fun day... Thanks Mathieu.